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Visit of the Souterroscope in Normandy

The 4 main stages of the underground visit

The tour begins outside with a geological tour that tells the story of the Earth. The visit continues. You are 30 m underground in a 300m gallery for 1 hour of underground visit.

Normandy tourist site
Normandy tourist site

The lake room

First stop in the underground visit, an unexpected side of the heritage visible at the Souterroscope: the water table. Thanks to the play of lights, the lake with clear water is coloured. The video "Water under the grove" projected in the room explains the natural water cycle and tells of the journey the water makes, from the rains to slick formation.

The abyss

The highlight of the visit! The exit of the gallery of fears leads the visitor towards the light of day thanks to the Souterroscope abyss. A magnificent spectacle made of water games and lights awaits you there: the ARC EN TERRE sign of peace, which symbolizes the pact between man and cave.

The slate room

The room dedicated to the history of slate mining at Caumont l'Eventé, preserves on its walls the traces left by the tools of the slate miners. A show of sounds, lights and a slide show will complete your visit of this exceptional heritage. The history of "l'Or bleu de Caumont" crosses that of Normandy and will help you understand the constraints of such an exploitation as well as the hard work of our ancestors.

The Minerals Room

At the end of your journey through the underground groves of the bocage comes the time for the wonderful discoveries of speleologists and mineralogical research. The exceptional mineral exhibition "Earth's teeth" will probably keep you a few minutes longer in the world of darkness...