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Visit the Souterroscope des Ardoisières, a tourist attraction in Caumont l'Eventé (14).

You will learn about the slate mining activity that dates from the 19th century.

The itinerary

The underground tour of our site is completed in 4 distinct stages. You will learn about the history of the earth during the geological time itinerary. You will also discover the phreatic zone and learn about the water cycle, including rainfall and groundwater formation. The illuminated water jets show will amaze you in the abyss. Do not miss the Caumont blue gold exploitation room, which is an exclusivity of our site. You will find traces of the exploitation and its story will be narrated to you through a sound and light show. At the end of the tour, you will discover a mineral and semi-precious stone exhibition.

The depths of the earth in their best light 

A heritage not to be missed

The exploration of the Souterroscope des Ardoisières takes 1 hour.

A guided tour (in English or French) leaves every 12 minutes.

The abyss of the earth is a must-see

Tourist attraction Caumont l'Eventé

Why visit the Souterroscope des Ardoisières?

  • History of the earth
  • Water cycle
  • Traces of slate mining
  • Mineral exhibition
  • Affordable rates
Tourist attraction Caumont l'Eventé

We welcome ancient site lovers to explore our site.