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Discover the wonders exhibited at the Souterroscope des Ardoisières, located in Caumont l'Eventé (14).

You will be captivated by the different minerals.

Treasures from the heart of the earth

In the underground groves of the bocage, you will discover an exhibition of various minerals "the teeth of the Earth". You will enter the world of mining and quarrying and experience an adventurous tour among crystals, clear lakes and concretions. We will share the richness of the underground heritage with you. We guarantee a fun and educational tour.

Various minerals brighten your visit

Knowledge of the trade and working conditions

Visiting our science museum not only helps you discover different minerals but also gets you learn more about speleology.

Speleologists work in a hostile dark, cold and humid environment. The underground temperature has now become bearable and averages 12°. The museum visit lasts for 1 hour.

You are guided by sound and light in French or English. You can either enjoy the visit on your own or with a group.

Travel to the heart of the earth at a reasonable price

Science Museum Caumont l'Eventé

Science Museum Caumont l'Eventé 

What will interest you in the Souterroscope des Ardoisières:

  • exhibition of different minerals
  • world of caves, mines and quarries
  • presence of secret passages, concretions and crystals

We remain at your disposal if you require any further information.