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Follow the educational guide of the Souterroscope des Ardoisières, located in Caumont de l'Eventé (14), to better know hidden secrets under the ground.

Our site is the only area open to the public.

A guide to help you learn more

The educational visit will take you on a journey to a 19th-century slate quarry. You will dive in the heart of an exceptional heritage. The tour is divided into 4 themes: the water cycle, the underground world, slate and geology.

During the visit, you will find it easy to follow the route by referring to the audio guide. The information provided is diverse and includes themes on the water cycle, the age of the earth to facilitate exploitation.

The Themes


The educational tour gives teachers theme ideas that relate to their work.

You can use it to improve your program or educational projects.

The guided tour is in French or English. A departure is scheduled every 12 minutes. Thanks to the audiovisual support, you can easily follow the 4 distinct stages of the underground visit. You will not miss any details of each theme mentioned.

Practical visit for teachers

Educational tour Caumont l'Eventé

Educational tour Caumont l'Eventé

The benefits of an educational tour of our site:

  • know the themes
  • comprehensive details
  • practical teaching support for teachers 

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