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5 km from Caen, access by A84, or D9

25 km from Bayeux, access D6

30 km from Saint-Lô, access by D11

90 km from Mont Saint-Michel






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    Open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last visit) without lunch interruption - CLOSED every Monday until 27 March, including exceptional closure 30 March 2016 and 4 June 2017

> 8 JULY to 3 SEPTEMBER 2017

    Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (last visit) without lunch interruption.


    Open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last visit) without lunch interruption. CLOSED every Monday EXCEPT DURING THE “LA TOUSSAINT” HOLIDAYS (open daily).

OPENING HOURS 2017 (open on all PUBLIC HOLIDAYS of the year including 1 May)

The site will be closed between 27 November 2017 and 9 February 2018, except for group bookings. 

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Souterroscope presentation


The Geological Timeline allows the visitor to travel through time from the Big Bang to the present day.

He then follows the path taken by quarrymen in the 19th century; a video animation shows the presence of high mountains like the Himalayas here in Normandy.

In the heart of the last mining room, the visitor discovers the traces and understands the uniqueness of this particular slate mining.

To our knowledge, it is only the Souterroscope that keeps alive the memory of this activity as practiced at the beginning of the 19th century.

Water is everywhere in the Souterroscope. Another exceptional, one-of-a-kind feature: the visitor can see the famous water table.

Another underground video animation helps everyone better understand the water cycle, which is the basis of life. The tour is full of surprises such as the discovery of vast underground spaces like cathedrals, carved by light and resonating with music since the dawn of time.

The tour is full of surprises such as the discovery of vast underground spaces like cathedrals, carved by light and resonating with music since the dawn of time.

A bewitching water feature can be found near the sinkhole and a giant screen video animation showcases the wonderful world of geodes, magical mirrors which allow both young and old to colour the rocks and minerals specifically chosen for their beauty makes the visitor want to return to this mysterious underground world.

DEPARTURE EVERY 12 minutes in French or English. TOUR DURATION 1 HOUR

  • The geological timeline
  • Water under the grove
  • The water jets illuminated
  • Slate: blue gold of Caumont
  • Exceptional mineral exhibition

Souterroscope Ardoisières invites you to visit its underground quarries in Eventé Caumont, Calvados. Through a video animation, you will learn more about our mining operations dating back from the nineteenth century.


Souterroscope is an old slate mine which has not been mined for 125 years (1891 was the closing date of the longest mining operation), after the Second World War, there was a new attempt which lasted only 5 years (1947 to 1952).

The slate mine opened under surprising conditions; the mining operation had started illegally in front of the Church of the Eventé Caumont.

The slate quarries of Caumont were the only ones in the region of Normandy to achieve true industrial dimension. The causes for its closure are diverse and varied. Firstly, they were victims of an economic situation of that period and were not established enough to overcome the fall of the building industry (1882-1883). Then they were unable to create a market for themselves due to stiff Angevine competition and the lack of railway lines largely contributed to its undoing as they did not have sufficient profitable and reliable transportation that allowed them to deliver their material at a distance in safety.


Discovering slate mining


Today, Ardoisières is experiencing a new lease of life as they were entitled to redevelopment. In fact, since 1 May 1994, it was converted and opened to visitors. Now, it offers a unique and unusual tour ...

From the creation of the world to the discovery of this quarry which has been preserved in its nineteenth-century state, the visitor becomes a miner discovering large cathedral-like underground rooms. Four rooms are open to visitors:

In the first room, the visitor discovers the water table illustrated by an animated film.

The second room "the sinkhole of the Underground Rainbow" contains the symbol of the covenant established between man and the mine where a wonderful water and light feature is installed.

The third room offers an animated film on slate extraction "Caumont blue gold".

In the fourth and final room, an extraordinary collection of giant crystals and semi-precious stones are found.


See the wonders of the underworld

Site touristique Normandie

Why visit the Souterroscope Ardoisières?

  • Intact remains of slate mining
  • The presence of Water and learning the Water Cycle
  • Large underground spaces
  • Geological timeline path
  • Illuminated water fountains
  • Mineral exhibition


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